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As one of our valued customers, we think its important that you know exactly what you can expect from us, and the high level of customer satisfaction we strive for in everything that we do. Thats why we created our Customer Guarantee.

We are also committed to offering you competitive prices, which is why if you find a published (excl a Bidding Site) internet price from another website  locally that is lower than the lowest available comparable Beaver price  on omyhair.co.nz, on the same products  we will beat that price by 10%.

* This only applies to New Zealand Region *

Over four milllion users and growing faster then any other hair fbre. Available with our Local Stockist!

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Omyhair Mission

OMYHAIR: The Science of Beautiful Hair. Our mission is to improve the way people feel about thinning hair and hair loss. Omyhair is built on trust and heritage. Working with Dermatologists, Dieticians and Hair Stylists, Beaver have lead the professional thinning hair market for over a decade.

With ranges for professionals and retailers, Omyhair have solutions for thinning hair for everyone. Every product is a unique combination of clear messages and shelf appeal, backed up by a scientific formulation thats great to use. Beaver Hair Loss Solutions are an asset to any Beauty Salon, Hair Clinic, Pharmacy, Barber Shop in fact anyone who are in the Hair and Beauty Industry.

Do you want the look of 30,000 more hairs? Thinning hair can really affect your confidence.That's why we created OMYHAIR.The amazing high-tech fibre styling product which dramatically thickens hair to give the instant and natural look of a full head of hair. 

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Boost your Self-Confidence with a Thicker Fuller Hair in Seconds for Hair Loss Sufferers.

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Omyhair New Zealand Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 25 client reviews. Visit Testimonial page for the reviews and feedbacks.


Thin Hair? No Problem!

Hair Thickening For Women
Thinning hair is incredibly common, research shows many women worry about thinning hair or hair loss.Every woman agrees that having thicker hair makes them feel more attractive. Omyhair can show you how to get thicker hair and our full range of hair thickening treatments can help.

Hair Thickening For Men
Many men start to lose their hair in their 20's and 30's which is a concern for many.Most men agree that thicker hair makes them feel more confident. Omyhair  offer a full range of hair thickening treatments that can help make hair feel thicker and can be used with Minoxidil.

Hair Thickening Fibres
Whether a wide parting, general thinning, a visible crown or receding hairline. Our fibres can change the way you feel about your hair.
Get instant thicker hair. Style like you used to 10 years ago. Look your best. Originally a secret of professional make-up artists and celebrities. Now Beaver  is available to everyone. 

Shop with Confidence Hair Thinning Solution for Men and Women

Hair Thickening Fibres (12/15gm)

Perfect With Fibre Hair hold Spray - Omyhair®
From NZ$40.00
Hair Thickening Fibres (12/15gm)

Hair Thickening Fibres - (28/30gm)

Perfect With Fibre Hair hold Spray - Omyhair®
From NZ$80.00
Hair Thickening Fibres - (28/30gm)

Hair Thickening Shampoo - 200ml /240ml /450ml

Perfect with Hair Thickening Conditioner - Omyhair
From NZ$70.00
Hair Thickening Shampoo - 200ml /240ml /450ml

Hair Thickening Conditioner - 200ml/240ml /450ml

Perfect with Hair Thickening Shampoo - Omyhair®
From NZ$35.00
Hair Thickening Conditioner - 200ml/240ml /450ml

Fibre Lock Mist - 120mls

Perfect With Hair Thickening Fibre - Omyhair ®
Fibre Lock Mist - 120mls

Hair Thickening Fibre with Fibre Lock Mist Set (BLACK ONLY)

Perfect with Hair Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner - Omyhair
Hair Thickening Fibre with Fibre Lock Mist Set (BLACK ONLY)



Welcome to Hair Thickening Solutions for both Men and Women who have Thin Hair,Hair Loss Problem,Alopecia,Thinning Hair and Baldness.

We guarantee to give you Instant Thicker Fuller Head of Hair with no side effects.


Omyhair  Hair thickeners are the home of the 30 Second Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration.A hair thickening solution for both Men and Women.The Science of Beautiful Hair has finally arrived!


Instant Hair Thickening -

Finally, there is a way to conceal thinning hair without the use of hair transplants, which are expensive and can sometimes cause pain. Thinning hair in men and women is a scary reality that you don't have to live with. Omyhair provides hair thickening solutions and camouflage for thinning hair AND for Hair Loss Problem. Our Keratin fibre product has instant hair thickening results with patented technology suitable for both men and women who have hair thinning problems.

Natural Keratin : Hair Thickener -

Introducing Keratin, the simple solution for your thinning hair tissues. Say goodbye to messy creams and old-fashioned sprays which simply colour the scalp.Using specialised micro-fibre technology, it thickens hair and makes it fuller, to produce outstanding results not seen with any other product.Keratin takes seconds to use, is safe, easy, and incredibly effective.Keratin fibres are being recommended by Hair Transplant surgeons before and after hair transplants to give more volume and thickness to your hair.


Hair Thickening Products -

Forget all those fussy hair thickening solutions, and instead use our hassle free ;Omyhair product for an instant confidence boost, and a great new look. At last there is a natural way to fight thinning hair in men and women, support and maintain healthy hair. With OMYHAIR New Zealand, you're only a mouse click away from a new you with our instant hair thickening products. Don't let your thinning hair affect your self-esteem, get our products today and start feeling great about your hair.


Available in different Shades and Colors for your Thinning Hair


No Appointments Required
No Lock in Contracts
No Side Effects
Restore hair on your Terms
No Upfront Cost
No Obligation
Affordable Low Price
Thicken Hair from Home


    Our Service works out better for all people to enjoy Beauty.




Hair thickening research has made our Fibres the worlds best performing hair thickener.The unique combination of pure keratin fibres and technology ensure Omyhair Hair Fibres are consistently voted #1 by customers and professional stylists to make your hair loss problems go away in seconds.

Pure Keratin Fibres
Our Fibres are keratin - the same natural protein as your hair. This is the ideal material for hair thickening fibres as only keratin has the same physical characteristics of hair to make your hair look thick instantly.

Hair Fibre Weight
Only keratin has the same density as your hair and Hair Thickening Fibres from Omyhair are ultra-fine. Other heavier fibres can weigh hair down, making it look flat and unnatural.

No Irritation
The most significant benefit of keratin fibres is comfort. If your hair is thin or if you are losing hair you dont want to be risking irritation or allergies. Whilst many people tell us they have an allergy to synthetic materials like nylon and even find cotton itchy, keratin fibres are comfortable all day after all no-one is allergic to their own hair! Our Thickening Fibres are also dermatologically tested as a finished product. This unique extra step means you can be sure they're completely safe for thinning hair.

Hair Structure
Healthy hair has a very unusual structure, a strand with a slightly oval cross section, covered in overlapping plates.This reflects light very differently to smooth synthetic fibres like nylon and rayon, or other natural materials like cotton with their ribbon-like structure. Keratin fibres also absorb hair dye exactly like your hair, so can be made exactly the same range of colors. Other fibres may have to be dyed using industrial cloth dyes where the color match is often not as perfect.Therefore only keratin fibres look exactly like hair.


You don't only need thicker hair when the sun shines, so our Fibres are designed to give great hair thickening through all conditions of hair loss problems

Color-Lock Technology
No-one will ever know you're wearing the Hair Fibres. Even in the pouring rain, our Fibres will not leak dye onto your skin. Scalp dyes and colored sprays cant match neither can some other brands of hair fibres.


Waterproof Fibre Hold Spray
Our Fibres stay in place all day even through perspiration or light rain. But if youre tempted to go out in a monsoon, the physical amount of rain can remove some fibres. Prevent even that happening with Fibre Locking Spray. Tests showed that even with your head completely immersed in water, less than 10% of Fibres were lost after using Fibre Hold Spray you need shampoo to remove them.


As hair thickening fibres adhere to hair using electrostatic charges, charging technology is vital to ensure your great result lasts all day.

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