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Omyhair Mission

OMYHAIR: The Science of Beautiful Hair. Our mission is to improve the way people feel about thinning hair and hair loss. Omyhair is built on trust and heritage. Working with Dermatologists, Dieticians and Hair Stylists, Beaver have lead the professional thinning hair market for over a decade.

With ranges for professionals and retailers, Omyhair have solutions for thinning hair for everyone. Every product is a unique combination of clear messages and shelf appeal, backed up by a scientific formulation thats great to use. Beaver Hair Loss Solutions are an asset to any Beauty Salon, Hair Clinic, Pharmacy, Barber Shop in fact anyone who are in the Hair and Beauty Industry.

Do you want the look of 30,000 more hairs? Thinning hair can really affect your confidence.That's why we created OMYHAIR.The amazing high-tech fibre styling product which dramatically thickens hair to give the instant and natural look of a full head of hair. 

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Thin Hair? No Problem!

Hair Thickening For Women
Thinning hair is incredibly common, research shows many women worry about thinning hair or hair loss.Every woman agrees that having thicker hair makes them feel more attractive. Omyhair can show you how to get thicker hair and our full range of hair thickening treatments can help.

Hair Thickening For Men
Many men start to lose their hair in their 20's and 30's which is a concern for many.Most men agree that thicker hair makes them feel more confident. Omyhair  offer a full range of hair thickening treatments that can help make hair feel thicker and can be used with Minoxidil.

Hair Thickening Fibres
Whether a wide parting, general thinning, a visible crown or receding hairline. Our fibres can change the way you feel about your hair.
Get instant thicker hair. Style like you used to 10 years ago. Look your best. Originally a secret of professional make-up artists and celebrities. Now Beaver  is available to everyone. 

 How To Have Thicker Hair Naturally ?

Omyhair  Solutions to all hair loss problems

Hair loss is one of the major problems; most of the human beings are facing today. Hair loss can occur due to several environmental conditions or it may be genetic. Most of the people lose their hair as they do not take proper care and finally they are in a situation that they need to go for artificial procedures. The Hair loss is not a new story it has have been taking place since long back and of course it is a big worry.

The causes and prevention of hair loss 

There are multiple causes for the hair loss which include mineral deficiency, diet, medications, pollution, stress and even wearing helmets can be the major cause for the hair loss. Recent survey says that one third of the population suffers from hair loss and most of them are found out to be women. Certain factors are definitely not within the control of the human beings to control hair loss but some of the simple steps can be followed for the hair loss.

The hair should not be subjected to frequent drying procedures and constant heating. The hair proteins are weakened due to heating of the hair and constant heating can cause brittleness and in turn hair loss.The hair should not be colored more often and people should try for semi-coverage rather than full dyeing.

Why hair loss  happens?

Hair loss occurs mostly because of the style they do for their hairs. Some style requires clips, elastics and tight pulling and hair loss can be caused on a daily basis.People should be gentle with their hair and mild shampoo should be used regularly. Hair and scalp clean can prevent the hair loss to a great amount. The wet hair should never be brushed and people should prefer a wide toothed comb. Hair injury and hair loss can occur when brushing is done very frequently.

Hair loss  also occurs due to the use of the protein-enhanced shampoos and conditioners. So, some of the strong shampoos should be strictly prohibited for the hair loss prevention.The stress of the body should be under control to prevent the hair loss to a considerable amount. An adequate sleep and stress reduction strategy should be used by the people. Hair loss  problem can be less when exercise is done on a daily basis.

Occurence of hair loss in women

Hair loss mostly occurs due to lack of iron in their body and doctors suggest to have them some of the food items such as the fortified cereal, leafy greens, pork, fish, beef and pumpkin seeds.Hair loss also occurs most of the time due to lack of protein and Vitamin C and in such cases, doctors suggest to go for milk, cheese, eggs, beans, seafood, white-meat poultry, lean beef and protein bars.

Different hair loss treatment procedures

To stop the hair loss naturally there are certain steps which should be followed and they are:

To promote healthy hair and skin most of the people nowadays uses Palmetto. Hair loss  can be  mainly due to the excess DHT production, which can be significantly reduced with the use of the Palmetto.

Some of the extra milligrams of vitamins should be added to the daily regimen of the body to avoid hair loss.

Hair loss can be stopped with the use of certain massage techniques and the use of the essential oils. Adding henna can also reduce the amount of hair loss and make the scalp stronger.


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