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As one of our valued customers, we think its important that you know exactly what you can expect from us, and the high level of customer satisfaction we strive for in everything that we do. Thats why we created our Customer Guarantee.

We are also committed to offering you competitive prices, which is why if you find a published (excl a Bidding Site) internet price from another website  locally that is lower than the lowest available comparable Beaver price  on omyhair.co.nz, on the same products  we will beat that price by 10%.

* This only applies to New Zealand Region *

Over four milllion users and growing faster then any other hair fbre. Available with our Local Stockist!

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Omyhair Mission

OMYHAIR: The Science of Beautiful Hair. Our mission is to improve the way people feel about thinning hair and hair loss. Omyhair is built on trust and heritage. Working with Dermatologists, Dieticians and Hair Stylists, Beaver have lead the professional thinning hair market for over a decade.

With ranges for professionals and retailers, Omyhair have solutions for thinning hair for everyone. Every product is a unique combination of clear messages and shelf appeal, backed up by a scientific formulation thats great to use. Beaver Hair Loss Solutions are an asset to any Beauty Salon, Hair Clinic, Pharmacy, Barber Shop in fact anyone who are in the Hair and Beauty Industry.

Do you want the look of 30,000 more hairs? Thinning hair can really affect your confidence.That's why we created OMYHAIR.The amazing high-tech fibre styling product which dramatically thickens hair to give the instant and natural look of a full head of hair. 

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Boost your Self-Confidence with a Thicker Fuller Hair in Seconds for Hair Loss Sufferers.

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Thin Hair? No Problem!

Hair Thickening For Women
Thinning hair is incredibly common, research shows many women worry about thinning hair or hair loss.Every woman agrees that having thicker hair makes them feel more attractive. Omyhair can show you how to get thicker hair and our full range of hair thickening treatments can help.

Hair Thickening For Men
Many men start to lose their hair in their 20's and 30's which is a concern for many.Most men agree that thicker hair makes them feel more confident. Omyhair  offer a full range of hair thickening treatments that can help make hair feel thicker and can be used with Minoxidil.

Hair Thickening Fibres
Whether a wide parting, general thinning, a visible crown or receding hairline. Our fibres can change the way you feel about your hair.
Get instant thicker hair. Style like you used to 10 years ago. Look your best. Originally a secret of professional make-up artists and celebrities. Now Beaver  is available to everyone. 

Some Of Our Happy Customers :))

Hair Transplants

I came across this site an year ago and they have  truely changed my life .I have thicker hair within seconds and their price is affordable.I am pleased and thank my stars for leading me to this wondeful site .For me thinning hair is of past, I can now have thicker hair without spending more then $100.

- Joshua Stone,Sydney,Australia 

I enjoy reading their Hair Blogs.They have very useful Tips on how you can thicken and regrow your hair naturally and avoid expensive hair treatment.All the natural products can be sourced out from home,its affordable and gives your hair the food to reverse hair loss.Looking forward to your many more resourceful blogs in the future !

- Shashi Raj Navin,Christchurch

New Year,New Look,New Hair.Not too bad I recommend their Thickening Products.Very pleased with my hair results.

- Ken and Joans, Bay of Plenty

I am blessed to find this site it really gives you the confidence one needs to look smart with thicker fuller hair in seconds. Their blogs I enjoy to read, its very informative and you don't need to spend thousands to fix your hair naturally.I am sold !

- Anita Waddell,Sydney,Australia  

We are a husband and wife team and we both have thin hair,a few months ago while looking for a fast remedy we came across this product,at first we were sceptical about the products and what it claimed to do,but then we thought to spend $40 why not its not that expensive and so we went ahead bought a "Bottle" and it did what it was suppose to do! We are very happy with our transformation!

- Bart and Brenda, Hamilton

I have been using omyhair products for at least 9 months now and have found it to be very effective .My everyday worry has gone in 20 seconds by having a Full head of hair all day long. I strongly recommend their product to anyone who wishes to have a quick fix  while you can still treat your thinning hair.

- Andrew Paddington, Wellington

My hair loss nightmare is over now ,thanks to Omyhair . I use the Keratin every day .I am today happy wiith my new hair. I will continue to use their products in years to come with  My hair confidence is back and I am no longer stressing about my hair .

- Nina Singh, Hamilton 

I am happy to say that I found the Omyhair  products very effective. Their service is fantastic, you can thicken your thinning hair from the comfort of your home .I am an average earner and can't afford to spend thousands of dollars to get my hair thick .Omyhair  has filled that gap for me. I can hace thick hair with no stress of financial burden NOW!.

- Mathew Robertson , Christchurch

Omyhair products are the best volumising product range I've found and the keratin fibers are a great product. It definitely gives me more confidence. 

- Sue Parker, Auckland

How to thicken your hair faster and in seconds.I am very very pleased with Omyhar Hair Products. Without the Hair Thickerner my Dignity, my Self-esteem and my Hair Confidence is ZERO. I highly recommend you to use therir products and in an instant you will have gorgous hair.

- Feroza Ali, Birkenhead

In her own words: "Hi Omyhair  Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I really like your products  I have been using it almost everyday and it is great,  I always want to feel my hair now.  LOL. I have been really careful with my hair and taking time to deal with it and not just rake through .I am very happy with your products. It had given me great results and I shall continue my hair journey with you..

- Monita Haigh, Hamilton

I Loveeee Omyhair,the best thing I spent my Dollar.After using the product the first time I could see and feel that it was working.My hair was instantly transformed into thicker,fuller hair.I couldn't believe it. Just one word WOW!!

- Margaret Whitlam, Auckland

I started my hair journey a few years back and have achieved great results with a thicker, fuller and longer hair. Now OMYHAIR New Zealand offers the whole package. I find their products affordable and it does not hurt my pocket ! I can start treating my hair without spending thousands of $$$ on expensive hair transplant and hair clinics. I am very pleased with their Products.I can instantly have a thick head of hair in just 10 seconds! Amazing!!!!!

- Sharyn Gibb, Christchurch

I have gone through so many hair clinics and spent thousand's of dollars but without much results and being dis-appointed with their expensive fees. One day while watching TV I saw Omyhair  and started to do some research of their products, they seemed genuine and thought of giving them a try .Lo!! behold what a transformation just using their products over the last 3 months, my hair feels softer, thicker and longer. My hair loss and thinning is no longer an issue for me. I couldn't  be more pleased with Omyhair today !

- Yuki Huang, Paihia

My hair dresser noticed that my hair was thinning out and recommended me to try Omyhair .I'm so excited.This product is awesome! .It's been rather a magical  journey and I am very pleased with my results !

- Tony James, Auckland

I have been using Omyhair  for a while and have become a GREAT Fan, because it does what it claims. Hair Thinning has no cure but we all can prevent it from losing our hair further. I recommend Omyhair to anyone who has problem with Hair thinning or even if you  have naturally thin hair. This product  can thicken and give volume to your hair. The easiest Hair thickening ever! The beauty about Omyhair  is their products does not have any side effects like some. I am a very happy customer today as Omyhair  saved my hair !!! 

Graham Allen, Wellington

I have been thrilled with the results of hair fibres in combination with the Locking Mist. I have found I get best results on newly washed and dried hair because there seems to be more static charge on each hair to attract the Fibres which makes it look thicker and fuller. The Holding Mist then locks the fibre in place giving  you real confidence in any situation. I fully recommend this product to anyone who has thin or thinning hair because it definitely works!

- Barry Graeme, Manawatu

I am very happy with the service I received fast and reliable delivery. You can treat your hair on your own terms from the comfort of your home, no hassles, no fuss and no mess. Makes my hair feel thicker. I use it every day. I would recommend this to a friend.

- Jonty Hunter, Palmerston North

The Keratin Fiber is perfect for adding volume and thickness to fine, thinning hair. Works great! Very easy to use. Leaves no residue.Thickens hair and makes it easier to style. Holds thickness all day with the holding spray. Great product and easy to use. 

- Tim Wilson, Tokoroa

Fantastic!!  never knew this product existed. I used to spend a couple of thousand to treat my hair, since using this amazing product I am spending less then a hundred bucks ! to get my hair thick in an instant .

- James Simon, Queenstown

A friend of mine NOTICED her hair was Thinning and started to search Online, she came across Omyhair  Instant Thick Hair in 30 Seconds†and wanted to try but was hooked to it.

 - Colin Wright, Tauranga

I have become a regular customer of Omyhair, it has given me the Self -Confidence, the Respect and Dignity I deserve from my friends! I no longer hide under my Baseball Cap. This product is  affordable, inexpensive and it really works wonders. I recommend this product to anyone. Omyhair is the way to go.

 - Brian Cook, Christchurch

I was going through crises of thinning hair. For me going through expensive hair surgery was not my cup of tea. I couldn't afford it. I started looking over the internet and knew there IS another way to make my hair look thicker and fuller. Amazingly, I found Omyhair  Product. Thick in 30 Seconds is what this product did to my thinning hair. Today I am very happy with my full head of hair.

- Aaron McDonald, Auckland

I am a mother of four, I always had trouble with my hair never liked it as I don`t have very thick hair on my crown .One of my friends introduced me to this product and since that day I have never looked back. Today I AM proud of my thick hair and it only takes me seconds to thicken my hair.

 - Marie Chapman, Auckland

I am very stylish with my hair. I found by using this  product it really enhances and thickens my hair drastically. I am very delighted with the results

 - Chung Huang-Fu, Hamilton

I never thought such a product was in the market. It is a remarkable product - changes one's appearance within minutes. The choice of colors is fantastic! No more hair coloring. These Products are affordable, low-cost and low- priced. I am very pleased with it.

- Apera Haimona, Hawkes Bay

100% satisfaction!!!! I am in my early 30's and noticed thinning of my hair. So went to see my Doctor. He showed me Omyhair  and how it thickens hair. I was astonished and surprised of its magnificent result. Of course, it is not re-growth of hair but a temporary solution to your hair problem whilst you are using this product..

- Rajeev Chaudhary, Auckland

I use these Fibers and do not have to worry about anything, whether I am at the gym working out or on the beach playing volleyball the Hair Fiber magically clings with my hair. I LOVE IT!

- Estevan Ricardo, Wellington

Excellent! Product. Wash, dry, shake hair fiber, style, spray and bang you have thick hair. It is that easy. It's my daily ritual.

- Brent Carlson, Dunedin

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